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Enlarging penis – you never when it can get complicated

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penis-enlargement-bible-300x300Several months ago I had a bizarre experience and I wanted to share it with people. I saw a friend from high school whom I didn’t see for a long time. We sat in the restaurant and after the third glass of wine, we started speaking more. At the beginning of the conversation, we had small talk, but after we relaxed we talked about more interesting things. So it came as a shock when he told me what he was trying to do. He said to me that he wanted to become an adult films actor. It was a huge shock, especially because he had a good career and well-payed job. He said that he always wanted to do that and that was not just middle age crisis thing. I asked him what was his next step towards his future job and he said that he already had an audition. You are all aware that audition is just showing your penis to the producer or director of these types of films. Anyway, they said to him that he is not well equipped for that job and that his penis should be a slightly bigger. He wasn’t discouraged and he wanted to do a penis enlargement procedure. We said goodbye to each other and we said that we should meet again soon. Because of his story, I was a bit curious about the whole penis enlargement thing. I never heard about that procedure before and I wanted to explore myself. Learn more on Bathmate Discount Codes

So when I started my research I found out that surgeons don’t recommend this type of operation. They said that it isn’t a risk-free procedure and that no well-respected doctor will advise you to do this. They even said about examples when some desperate guy who had really small penis gave up because his health was on the first place.

penis-enlargementWhen I found out about this, I went even further. I started searching for other methods of penis enlargement, thinking that my friend maybe wanted to use one of them. So I went online to look for pills and supplements because I always see those ads on some web pages and those ads are not just on adult websites, as you probably know. It turns out that they are very expensive and that on those ads they are not giving you any information, only that your penis will get bigger 100%. With the further research, I found out that they are not healthy, although they contain healthy ingredients. More importantly, they are not 100% guaranteed, and they are many side effects you could get by taking these pills. The bad thing about the Internet is that when you think you finished with your research, you realize that there is more you didn’t know before. So after pills, I went to find other methods and techniques. For me they were horrifying and I will not share that experience. I will just say that penis pump, clamping and jelqing are dangerous but can produce some results.comparisonhero

When I saw my friend later, I loudly said please, don’t do jelqing. He didn’t know what that was and he wasn’t interested in that. He said to me that he already spoke with doctors and he understood that was a risky operation, so he gave up. I was glad that he gave up.